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Representative Jun Sakurai(Travel supervisor/ Tour conductor / Travel manager)


Learn deeply about people's happiness and excitement in the wedding produce business.

Learn courteous customer service and work by engaging in travel products for wealthy people such as doctors and department stores. However afflicted with multiple intractable neurological diseases(CIDP/CMT). Establish a company to understand and enlighten the blindness caused by progressive disease and to show the workings of intractable people. We always face our customers at the forefront, despite fighting against many hospitalizations in rehabs. Conducts activities as a travel manager to work with a medical welfare service company and realize a trip that meets the needs of people who have difficulty going out.

◇ Qualification

Travel supervisor(domestic and overseas)/ Tour conductor / Accompanying support (for those who have severe visual impairment when they go out). Communicate supporters(someone who has language problems and it is difficult to speak)

・The Japan Universal Manor Association Lecturer
・J-PALS WEST(Patient group representative summit 2018 leader produced by GSK
・Travelforward activity member

◇Lecture activity results
Pharmaceutical company / Educational institution /  General companies / Local government

Deputy representative Keiko Ota

◇ Career

In charge of lectures on social welfare at universities and nursing school. The specialty is welfare of disabled people and disability science and inclusive design. Wheelchair user due to current incurable disease. We will support customers who need consideration taking advantage of the practical experience at the welfare site from the perspective of the parties.

Social worker

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